Contracting Services in Santa Fe, NM


For nearly 70 years, Star Paving Company has provided the backbone for numerous public and private paving, concrete formwork, utility services, and more throughout the Santa Fe area. Our extensive in-house capabilities run on the strength of an experienced and dedicated workforce, with a comprehensive range of mobile machinery for any scale of work.

Read on to learn about our concrete, asphalt, and earthwork services for the Santa Fe, New Mexico, community – and count on Star Paving Services for all your new installation and maintenance needs.


Star Paving Company is proud to be a multigenerational family business led by industry experts who've had a hand in countless public works and private enterprise projects throughout Santa Fe and the greater Albuquerque area. We've grown in proportion to our ambition to learn new value-adding techniques and leverage the best equipment to get the job done right.

Above all, we aim to meet all customer expectations by providing superior quality at an affordable price.


Star Paving Company's asphalt, concrete, paving, and earthwork services raise the bar on quality throughout the Santa Fe, New Mexico, area. We emphasize fast turnarounds and total customer satisfaction, with unsurpassed quality on projects at any scale.


Asphalt repair and maintenance is essential to the roadways and the local economy. Businesses depend on effective, defect-free blacktops, and commuters and ground transportation services count on making safe passage without contending with degraded surfaces.

Star Paving Company keeps our communities moving with expert asphalt services that range from long stretches of new road and asphalt reconstruction to seal coating and maintenance. Our full range of asphalt repair services for Santa Fe also accommodates 1 ½ to 6-in-thick materials.


The durability and versatility of concrete has made it one of the most popular and reliable choices for foundations, pavement, patios, and even major structural elements in bridges, buildings, and facades. Our experienced concrete pourers and form workers leave behind nothing but crisp and clean straight edges, smooth curves, and custom shapes based on the customer's exact design requirements.

We also specialize in decorative concrete stamping and staining to almost permanently elevate the style of your home or business. Star Paving Company's concrete services have fulfilled a range of needs for Santa Fe concrete projects of all kinds, including:

Concrete surfacing for sidewalks, driveways, and other flatwork

New building foundations

Curbs and gutters

ADA ramps and related accessibility installations

Concrete maintenance and repair

Demolition and removal


Excavation and grading are essential to various public utilities. Industrial and commercial sites also frequently require earthwork for major maintenance and repairs or expanding operations. Earthwork is much more than the removal and shaping of the ground. It involves several site preparation tasks that must consider important attributes of the landscape and any surrounding structures or installations.

We can accurately perform these tasks using color cut/fill mapping and advanced 3D photography. Star Paving Company's earthwork and utilities services also utilizes the most efficient hauling, filling, and compacting methods, and we specialize in a variety of filling and milling materials.


Not every road or walkway is the same, which is why you need expert paving services that can fulfill the widest range of needs. Star Paving Company specializes in the broadest range of paving services for asphalt, concrete, and sub-base materials. We also specialize in the most advanced seal coating services to protect your surface and keep it in optimal condition for the longest time. With regular maintenance, you can save enormous sums over the cost of excess reinstallation.


We continue our legacy of total customer satisfaction and unsurpassed workmanship by committing our entire focus to each new project. We live by the motto, "Large or Small, We Do All," because it's the only way to take on challenges in a way that leaves us proud of our work and all the more for our service to those who've entrusted us with their most important property needs.

Contact us to discuss your concrete, asphalt, and earthwork needs, and request a free quote from Star Paving Company today.