Concrete Contractors in THE Albuquerque METRO AREA


 Our Services

 Our knowledgeable team can work on any sized project, whether you need help with a new construction site you want repairs or applications. Our services include:

  • Concrete construction and pavements: From large structures, like bridges to concrete driveways, we can help you create, repair, or replace your concrete features.
  •  Concrete demolition and removal: We will safely break down and remove your concrete structures, including projects that range from small slabs to an entire building.
  •  Concrete maintenance and repair: Our services can help you maintain or repair the concrete structures on your property, including retaining walls, pavements, and water channels.
  •  Decorative stains and/or stamps: We will help you create the look and feel you want in your concrete features, from stamping and impressing to adding color.
  •  Flatwork: We create high-quality flatwork, or concrete slabs. Your slabs will be properly mixed, so they’ll be easy to clean and water will flow smoothly across them.
  •  New poured concrete: Our new concrete will perfectly shape itself around any landscape or building, regardless of any irregular shapes or curves.



Our Customer Service

 Our goal at Star Paving Company is to give you concrete features and structures that not only look professional but also stand the test of time. For the best equipment, expertise, and team of concrete contractors in Albuquerque, NM, and Rio Rancho, NM, call us today at (505) 877-0380.