Signs it's Time to Replace your Asphalt


Property owners in Albuquerque, NM, are responsible for maintaining smooth and functional asphalt surfaces for their residential, commercial, and government premises. When cracks, potholes, or uneven surfaces start to appear, it indicates that it's time to repair your asphalt. Not all signs are this obvious, however. Today, we'll explore the common signs of asphalt deterioration and the importance of timely repair, as well as how Star Paving Company can provide cost-effective repair solutions to ensure the long-term durability of your parking lot.

Common Signs of Asphalt Deterioration

Not all damage to your asphalt looks the same. Subtler signs of wear and tear are often more common, making them easy to overlook until they become the more obvious signs you’re familiar with. Some deterioration you need to look out for include:


One of the first signs of asphalt deterioration is cracks. They can vary in size from small hairline cracks to larger, more noticeable ones. Cracks tend to form due to the freeze-thaw cycle, where water penetrates the surface, freezes, and then expands, causing the asphalt to break apart. Over time, these cracks can widen and deepen, allowing more water to infiltrate the pavement, leading to further deterioration.


Potholes typically form as a result of prolonged water infiltration through cracks. The water undermines the base of the asphalt, causing it to collapse and form a pothole. Not only can potholes be a nuisance, but they can also be a safety hazard to vehicles and pedestrians.

Faded Asphalt

If your asphalt is fading from a rich, dark color to a dull gray, it could signify aging and wear. This happens due to prolonged exposure to the sun and weather elements, making the asphalt more brittle and susceptible to cracks and potholes.

Alligator Cracking

Named for its resemblance to alligator skin, alligator cracking is a clear sign of significant asphalt deterioration. It's characterized by interconnected cracks, and it usually indicates an issue with the foundational layer of the asphalt.


Rutting, or depressions in the asphalt along the wheel path of vehicles, is another sign of asphalt deterioration. It's typically caused by constant heavy traffic, inadequate pavement thickness, or issues with the underlying layers of the asphalt.

The Dangers of Uneven Surfaces

An often overlooked sign that you need asphalt repair is the presence of uneven surfaces, which can present in the form of sunken or raised areas. As these can pose substantial safety risks and disrupt the functionality of your parking lot, hiring asphalt paving contractors to address these issues promptly is necessary.

Sunken Areas

Sunken areas often appear as depressions or low spots in your parking lot. They typically occur when the foundation material beneath the asphalt erodes or compacts over time. This can be due to various factors, including heavy traffic, poor initial installation, or underlying water damage. These can adversely affect the drainage of your parking lot, which creates hazards for both pedestrians and vehicles and may lead to further damage to the asphalt. They can even cause ice to form in the winter months, posing a significant safety risk.

Raised Areas

Raised areas on your asphalt surfaces are bumps or humps that typically occur due to root growth beneath the asphalt or an inadequate initial paving job. They can become tripping hazards for pedestrians and pose a risk to vehicles, potentially causing damage. They also affect the overall aesthetics of your parking lot and make a negative impression on visitors.

Contact Star Paving Company for Asphalt Repair

Good repair work not only fixes existing issues but also reinforces the asphalt, helping it resist future wear and tear. Here at Star Paving Company, our goal is to provide your asphalt surfaces with the utmost durability. We leverage our years of experience and training to provide meticulously executed repair work. Our team uses the highest quality materials to ensure that your asphalt has the strength and resilience necessary to withstand weather conditions and heavy traffic.

For reliable, durable, and cost-effective repair solutions, choose Star Paving Company. We have the expertise, commitment, and resources to help restore your asphalt surfaces to their optimum condition and ensure they stay in great shape for years to come. Contact us on our website today for a consultation and free upfront pricing.