Common Types of Sealcoats You Can Choose


A strong parking lot ensures that your business looks great and can withstand a large amount of traffic. Unfortunately, your pavement may suffer from weathering damage that triggers cracks throughout the surface of your slab. These cracks may degrade and cause severe problems if you don't seal your pavement.

The following options are among the most popular in the country today. Each of these sealer options provides unique benefits that make them worth considering, including decorative options and even repair benefits that will strengthen the surface of your parking lot.

Fast-Dry Sealers

If you want to seal your parking lot as quickly as possible and don't want to have a lot of time to wait, a fast-dry sealer is a good option. Unlike other types of sealers that can take several hours to dry, this option cures in less than an hour.

This fast-drying time provides you with a variety of benefits. For example, you can make access to your facility easier for your customers by limiting how long your parking lot is closed off to customers. As a result, you can minimize your financial loss during this period.

This fast curing also makes this option a good choice if a stretch of rainy weather is coming and you want to seal your parking lot quickly. Even better, this type of sealer is typically commonly available in large volume, which makes finding a source much easier for businesses like you.

Acrylic Sealer

Unlike other types of all-natural sealers, acrylic options utilize a variety of polymers to create an all-synthetic choice. As a result, you'll experience none of the issues that are common with other types of sealants, such as inadequate water protection or easier wear and tear. As a result, these types of sealants make an excellent choice for parking lots exposed to a variety of weather elements.

Also, if you want to match your parking lot with your business building or other decorative elements, acrylic sealers make an excellent option. Multiple colors of this sealant are available, which lets you pick and choose the design that is right for your facility.

An improved curb appeal of this type will make your company more attractive and appealing to your potential customers. For example, you could add decorative sealant that recreates your company logo and makes your facility appeal more professional and unique.

Crack-Filler Sealer

Although a good asphalt sealer will protect your parking lot from a variety of weather damages, cracks may still occur in your slab. Thankfully, you can utilize crack-filler sealers to fix these problems. These sealers will go between the cracks of your asphalt slab and expand to fill up the cracks and provide extra support for your pavement.

Even better, this type of sealer will also protect from weather elements, such as rain, snow, hail, and excessive temperature changes. As a result, you can fix small cracks and provide your pavement with protection at the same time. However, large cracks may require specialized repairs to ensure that they work correctly.

Other Sealer Options

Although these sealer options provide the most benefits for your driveway, many other choices exist. For example, you may want oil-based sealers because of how this option matches your parking lot. Be prepared for a strong scent if you get this sealer, though, as it will create a petroleum odor throughout your parking lot for a long time after application.

Finally, other types of sealers include coal tar emulsion, which provides a very durable and robust protective surface that provides years of protection.

So if you want to protect your business' parking lot and ensure you don't suffer from any damage, please contact us at Star Paving Company to get the help that you need.