Asphalt Maintenance Procedures for Your Parking Lot


Asphalt is an excellent paving material that provides a robust supporting surface for your parking lot. With proper maintenance, asphalt can last decades and keep your business looking strong and prosperous. The following maintenance procedures are a wise consideration for your asphalt parking lot.

Crack Sealing

When cracks start to appear in your driveway, a crack-sealing process is typically a necessary step. This repair method identifies the reasons for the cracks in your lots and efficiently manages them. For example, alligator cracks occur because of a lack of support under your driveway. Sealing them requires a specific process that focuses on the unique nature of this issue.

Other types of cracks, including longitudinal cracks, occur due to stress and weathering on the surface of the pavement. Repairing these cracks typically requires sealing the breaks before they become excessively broad and then adding a sealant that protects the surface from weather changes. This simple maintenance should be done on an as-needed basis.

Repairs for more serious cracks, however, may require assessing the structural support of the slab and increasing it throughout the surface of the parking lot. For example, broken chunks of pavement may be removed and extra materials added beneath them. Replacement asphalt is then added to this area to provide a stable base on which your parking lot can sit.


Like any pavement, asphalt's surface may start to wear down due to weather exposure and other elements. This process should take up to 12 years but improves if you invest in resurfacing. This process adds a new layer of surface asphalt to your parking lot that will increase its overall strength and make it stronger for years to come.

Surfacing requires removing the old surface with a milling machine and carefully applying a new coat of asphalt to your parking lot. This two-step process is relatively simple and can also repair problems such as alligator cracks, uneven surfaces, potholes, and areas of pooling water. Get this procedure done on an as-needed basis to ensure your parking lot looks good for your customers.


Asphalt rejuvenation is an exciting process because it works more as a preventative method rather than a repairing one. A rejuvenated piece of asphalt receives treatment with a variety of oils to replenish its surface and keep it protected from wear and tear. These oils typically dry up in pavement over time, but rejuvenation helps to add them back to the surface of your asphalt.

This process is one that is typically fairly quick to implement, depending on the size of the parking lot. Rejuvenation starts by cleaning the surface of the parking lot as much as possible to eliminate dirt, dust, and other debris. A power broom helps with this process because it can scrub away any elements that do not go away with less-focused treatment methods.

A distributor truck then applies a rejuvenating solution to the surface of the parking lot. Workers manually spray areas, as necessary, to add these oils to the surface of the asphalt. A covering of sand is then applied to the surface for 24 hours to assist with the curing process. Once the solution is dry, workers sweep it away, and the asphalt is ready to use.

Professional Help

If you need asphalt pavement on your businesses parking lot, and you want to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible, please don't hesitate to contact us at Star Paving Company to learn more about this beneficial process. Our experts will come to your facility and provide you with the high-quality maintenance and repairs that you need to keep your parking lot looking good.