6 Signs You Need To Replace Your Parking Lot


A concrete parking lot makes parking easier for your customers. They don't have to worry about dealing with muck and mud when they get out of their cars. Concrete also makes their drive into and out of your parking lot smoother and more comfortable. But, concrete doesn't last forever and will need to be repaired or replaced eventually. Here are six signs that you need to replace your parking lot.

1. Cracking

While small cracks that don't connect aren't a huge problem, they are a sign of concrete damage. If your lot does have those kinds of cracks, then you will to need to repair it before the damage gets worse. But, if you see huge cracks that connect or that look like spiderwebs or alligator skin, then you have a much larger problem. Large cracks are a sign that the lot needs to be replaced.

2. Age

Concrete parking lots should last around 20 years. The timeframe will vary a bit depending on your climate, but 20 years is a good rule of thumb. If your parking lot is reaching that age, then you need to start thinking about replacing it. If you are unsure as to the lot's age, you may want to go ahead and replace it if you have started to see signs of more advanced damage.

3. Potholes

While potholes will happen due to wear and tear, the older your concrete parking lot is, the more likely it is to get potholes. On top of that, old lots are more likely to get potholes that are deep enough to reach the foundation of the parking lot. Damage that severe can't truly be repaired, so you should replace your parking lot if foundation-deep potholes have occurred.

4. Sunken Areas

Your parking lot depends on a good foundation in order to stay sturdy. Over the years, that foundation can start to wash away or wear down. Your parking lot will to start to sink in areas that have missing foundation material. Sunken areas will turn into severe potholes and can even cause tire damage to your customers. Replace the lot before more extreme damage can happen.

5. Drainage Problems

If you notice a lot of water sitting or pooling in your parking lot or that the water is flowing toward one side or another, that's a sign that your parking lot has problems. When the lot was poured, it should've been built and poured so that it would drain correctly, including having drains installed. But, a damaged lot can lose its level and starting holding water, which increases the risk of damage. If your lot holds water, it likely needs to be replaced.

6. Constant Repairs

If your lot requires frequent repairs, you might need to replace your parking lot. All those repairs will wear away at your wallet. The repairs will also end up doing more damage to your parking lot because damaged areas can’t hold onto repair patches the same way that sturdy concrete can. When this happens, the repair patches need new patches, which feeds a cycle of constant repairs. Instead of repairing the lot constantly, invest in a new, strong lot.

You need your parking lot to be in good shape for your customers. Call Star Paving Company to have someone come out to evaluate your parking lot. The service techs will tell you if your parking lot needs to be replaced or if it can just be repaired. Let us help you make sure that your customers can get into your business easily and that your business makes a good impression from the time your customers drive into your lot.