4 Reasons to Remove Old Concrete for Patio Upgrades and Renovations


Over time, patio concrete may crack, chip, or lose its original color. You could choose to repair or cover up the concrete already there or completely replace the patio area. A complete replacement comes with several benefits beyond just the looks of a new and smooth concrete patio.

Check out some of the reasons to completely remove old concrete.

1. Level Ground

Rain, adjustments in temperatures, and plant growth could all result in landscape changes in the areas underneath the concrete. Weeds could have grown up through the concrete and resulted in cracks or holes.

When you hire a contractor to remove all the concrete, you will have direct access to the ground. You may remove plants and weeds by the root to prevent future growth. A contractor will flatten out the area and ensure every part is level. With the level patio, your chairs will sit evenly and you will avoid problems in the future.

The flat surface also prevents water pooling problems from rain. When water pools, the water could deteriorate the concrete, attract insects like mosquitoes, and create problems as you try to dry the surface.

2. Recycle Concrete

When you remove the old concrete patio slab, you have multiple options for recycling. Recycled concrete helps with a number of building projects, including road construction projects and parking lots. You will help with the environment, and the concrete will not just go to landfills.

With a whole slab removal, you have the chance to offer enough concrete worth recycling. With simple upgrades or repairs, you may not have enough concrete, and all of the materials might go in a landfill.

Many times, concrete contractors will offer their own recycling services so you do not have to reach out to another company. Ask about recycling options and the removal of old materials before the project begins.

3. Have Long-Term Use

When you install a whole new concrete slab, you will extend the life of the patio without worries for years to come. If you choose repairs, filled cracks could expand in the future and the life of the concrete could diminish over time. Weaker areas could cause parts of the concrete to break off and will result in more repairs in the future.

With the new concrete, you will have reliable materials and professional installation. Contractors will use their skills to ensure the concrete is built to last and provides the exterior of your home with plenty of entertainment options.

4. Add Colors and Designs

Removing an old concrete patio gives you a lot of customization options for a new concrete mold. Instead of the standard color, consider adding color to the concrete. Choose color tones to match patio furniture, the siding on your house, or other landscape elements in the backyard. The dye is added to the concrete while being mixed, so you cannot add color to a concrete patio that has already hardened.

You also have the option to add designs to the concrete. For example, you could add a stamped concrete design. The stamped patterns goes across the whole concrete and includes everything from basic rectangles to more artistic designs.

A stamped design often looks like custom stonework without the extra costs of individual stones. A contractor will usually provide a gallery and sample guide to select from both the colors and stamp designs. When you add a design element to the concrete, you can completely change the look of your backyard and may increase your home value with the extra options.

For more information on concrete patios, contact us at Star Paving Company. We have years of experience and will help make your concrete patio vision come to life with our professional skills and care.

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