3 Ways Your Asphalt Receives Damage


No matter how sturdy or impervious you may imagine asphalt to be, you will eventually notice signs of wear and tear in your parking lot. Sometimes, these signs of age occur slowly and naturally, but sometimes, the pavement gets more damage that will make the whole surface less durable and safe. Today, look at a few of the ways asphalt sustains damage and ideas to help mitigate the damage.

1. Water Cracks

Water is everywhere, and it usually gets into your pavement at some point. As the seasons change and the air starts getting colder, especially at night in a desert state like New Mexico, water sitting on the ground begins to go through a freeze-thaw cycle, which will continue as long as it gets below freezing at night. If that water makes its way into cracks in your asphalt, it will widen the gaps.

Cracks in your pavement are a common problem, but they are also a pain to deal with if you do not take care of them early on. If you want to try to repair a small crack on your own, remove any loose asphalt or debris out of the existing hole, and use pressurized air to make sure you get all the particles and water out before applying the patch. Better still, call a professional to apply a seal coating to keep water from interaction with the asphalt.

2. Gas Spills

Vehicles that may park in your lot can leak fluids onto the pavement while their owners are oblivious. Spilled liquids, especially gasoline, can seep into the pavement, eating through the material and dissolving the binder that keeps it all together. If left alone, the discarded fluids will continue the process, destroying the integrity of that area and softening it to any other impact.

No solution exists to completely repair the compromised section of asphalt, so instead, you will have to mark off the affected area to avoid any injuries or driving problems on that spot. Unless you run a hardware store, you probably do not have the necessary tools to remove the damaged pavement and replace it with new asphalt. Instead, call a professional paver and let the experts handle the process.

3. Repetitive Use

Anywhere that cars often park or drive over, you will likely find wearing down over time. When the frequented areas start to wear down, you will often discover ruts in the asphalt, indicating that your lot will need an update soon. If you ignore the rutting, vehicles may struggle to drive over the spots. If it rains, drivers may not realize the water has pooled in the depressions and drive through at a dangerous angle, leading to hydroplaning or losing control.

You cannot prevent cars from using your parking lot or trucks from following the designated routes to drop off your supplies. If you use a resilient formula of asphalt, you may be able to let it sit for over a decade before redoing the entire arrangement. If you do not remember the last time you resurfaced or repaved the asphalt, however, you probably need to call in the professionals before too much more time passes.

If your asphalt has seen better days or has damage too significant for you to attempt a temporary fix, call in a professional team to handle it. The experts at Star Paving Company has served New Mexico as a family-owned company for decades and are committed to quality, safety, and cost-effectiveness. Get in touch today to see how Star Paving Company can help pave your way to a brighter future. We look forward to speaking with you.