Hiring an Asphalt Contractor? 7 Things to Look For


Asphalt is one of the best materials to use for all of your paving needs because of its strength, durability, and recyclability.

However, when it comes to hiring an asphalt repair or installation company, there are essential things that the paving estimate should include, as discussed below.

1. Worksite Inspection

The majority of asphalt contractors don't mind giving free estimates. This is a good initiative because potential customers become aware of how much the job will cost without spending a dime. However, a seasoned asphalt paving company will go a step further and visit your actual work site.

Visiting the site in person gives the contractor a clear picture of what needs to be done. As a result, they can make an accurate estimate that will help in budgeting and ensure you get value for your money.

2. Address Your Drainage Needs

Water drainage might not seem like a big deal in your paving project, but it is. Keep in mind that water drainage can make all the difference in terms of asphalt pavement durability. Poor drainage can cause problems like potholes and cracks, forcing you to pay for repairs more frequently than you should.

If your property has a drainage problem, a reliable asphalt contractor will assess the situation and include the cost of installing drainage in their estimate.

3. Analysis of Your Paving Needs

Clients all have different needs, and a good contractor will recognize that. Professional asphalt paving companies will want to know the kind of result you desire before getting started.

A good contractor will also explain what they plan to do from the beginning to the end. By so doing, you will know what is going on at any given time and you can even ask questions whenever you don’t understand something.

4. Details of Materials That Will Be Used

Professionals use different materials and equipment when undertaking asphalt repair or installation projects. Unless you are an asphalt expert, figuring out the right paving materials will be a tough assignment. An asphalt professional should enlighten you about different options, such as eco-friendly asphalt solutions.

If water drainage has always been a problem, porous asphalt can help bring the issue to an end. In short, your contractor will use asphalt materials to address your needs.

5. Service Follow Up

Follow-up is something every reliable service provider offers, asphalt contractors included. A professional who does a follow-up means that they don't mind going out of their way to keep their clients satisfied. With a reliable contractor, you can always be confident that they will stand solidly behind their paving installation or repair services.

6. Oral Explanation

A seasoned asphalt company will explain what the job entails by taking with you. Remember that you might misinterpret some contract terms, and thus you should discuss the contract with your contractor to ensure you are on the same page.

If there are terminologies that you don't understand, ensure the contractor gives you finer details to avoid any miscommunications once the work begins.

7. Client Testimonials

Customer testimonials can help you know the best asphalt contractor near you. You might also need to talk to customers that the asphalt company has served in the past to know what to expect. Ensure you identify an asphalt expert who keeps the majority of their clients happy by offering quality paving services.

With the above information, you now know what to look out for in a paving company. At Star Paving Company, our goal is to address all your paving needs in a timely and affordable manner. Contact us today and see why our clients have trusted us since 1956.